Black Power!


This Black power theme is so special to me because it allowed me to support the movement, advertise the product in a unique way, and style the girls in all black but with a twist.I knew that my client wanted hip hop, so why not give her hip hop in the black power scene. I choose a leather jumpsuit & crop tops to give off the hip hop vibe. For the tights, I wanted them to be edgy and not just regular tights. Sexy biker tights was the look that I was going for. For a little pop of color, I choose strips of African/Jamaican colors. Each of the girls glasses gave a different era of (sass) & hip hop but It all came together with the beret hats & all black. Very little accessories were needed in this scene.

As soon as I dressed the models in their outfits they came together as a unit. You could just feel the echoes of our ancestors saying #Fight The Power! Oh the unity of different cultures of black, white, hispanic and African cultures at the dinner table.The demeanor of the models killed the scene on these pictures. So much joy filled my heart when I saw the look come together with the beautiful make up by: J.Rene and the photographer captures of the scene was on point!! You can feel the movement through the pictures!