3 Weeks of Tribal Print!

Tribal print that gives you more boldness & confidence! 
This month i'm focusing on the fun, vibrant, and colorful patterns that the tribal print graces us with. So every week of the remainder of this month I will be posting a Tribal print attire, so get ready for 3 Weeks of Tribal
I choose to begin with these geometrical tribal shorts to show off my legs which was an insecurity of mine that I have grown to love. I am also still insecure about my height and my weight but I wanted to be bold, show more skin, and accentuate my legs which shows more of my shape and less of my insecurity. A quote that I live by is "Insecurity kills all that is beautiful". I also thought before the summer weather is completely over I have to show off my amazing calves! Because of my big calves my legs look stunning in some heels! That's why I choose these black heels with fringes and silver stones to show off these wonderful legs of mines. These shorts are also so bold that they make a statement that the owner is secure with their body because when people see you their eyes gravitates to your hips and legs, so get ready to be in the spotlight! Here I paired my shorts with a tan sleeveless turtle neck top. So simple yet the perfect to make the outfit complete and not look overdone. I topped it off with an earth toned necklace to blend everything together. My confidence have reached heights with this outfit, now i'm learning to love my flaws and all no matter my shape or size.

Mayunna BenjaminComment