Shopping is like therapy for many women (and men) but the part that most women get frustrated with is the fitting room madness. Yes, we all know the problems that occur in the fitting room can wear you out! From trying on too many things that don’t fit, trying to decide what best works for you, and being overwhelmed with all the clothes in your fitting room. Don’t call it quits, just prepare yourself with these steps before you wear yourself out with the same mistakes that people make that disappoint them every time!

8 Steps To Ensure A Stress Free Fitting Room!


1.Come Prepared!

Wear your heels or shoes that you wear the most on your shopping day to make sure you have the correct length in pants, and to see if it goes well with your outfit. Vice versa if you wear flats a lot, wear them while your shopping so you will know if your pants or dress hits the right length. A tank top underneath is also a good option when trying on see through tops or for layering. 


 2. Find The Perfect Fit!

Bring extra sizes for a perfect fit. Always take a size up or down in the fitting room or ask the sales associate for more sizes. You may be surprised that the size you thought would never fit will fit you perfectly. It’s all in the type of material, the cut, and how the brand size their clothing. 


3.  Stay Clutter Free! 

Keep your fitting room free of clutter so your mind won’t be so filled with all that you have to try on. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed in our fitting room because we feel as though nothing is working out. It’s OK if things don’t work out. Remember that’s the whole purpose of a fitting room, it’s a process of trying clothes on to see if it fits, and if it looks good. When you are done trying on a couple items, hand the items that you are sure you don’t want to the sales associate. This way your room won’t be crowded with items that you don’t need. If your fitting room is packed with items you do want, free some space and hand those items to the sales associate to put up front by the register.


New York & Company Polka Dot Ankle Pants / $32.97



4.Petite DOES NOT Mean Small. 

The biggest misconception about petite clothing is that petite sizes are only for short or small frame women under 5'4. Since I work at Ann Taylor I’m the prefect advocate to prefer woman to try on petite sizes. I see many customers surprised that they can wear petite. Even some of you can wear petite sizes and don’t even know it! Many people think petite means small in waist and size but it actually means shorter in length. Is the arm length of your top or jacket longer than your arm? Then you need a petite jacket. Are your pants too long and you would you like them to hit at a certain length, you also need petite. Usually the difference from petite and missy is the length. Each brand varies so always take an extra size up in the fitting room for the best fit. 


5. Step Out Your Comfort Zone. 

Don’t stay in the fitting room the entire time. Step out of your fitting room and use the walk way as your runway. I know that a lot of people are shy to step out and view their garment in the larger mirror outside of your dressing room, but it makes a BIG difference. Examine your garments in action. Stepping out of your dressing room lets you see if the outfit truly compliments who you are. You will never know if you stay inside that small cubical. Stepping out of the box will also get you great advice and tips from other shoppers and stylist that will be honest with you on how it looks. You will be surprised on the feedback and compliments from others! This can also prevent you from returning items because you didn’t fully examine how it feels and looks outside of the fitting room. 



6. Relax, Sit Down, & Rest For A minute.

If you are tired and feeling overwhelmed take a second just to catch your breath. Think through everything. Shopping should be fun not stressful! Most fitting rooms have chairs or benches but people tend to pile so much items on the chairs that there’s no area to relax. Don't make that same mistake, free some space and take a breath. Don’t let anyone rush you because you will end up buying what you don’t need and wasting gas to return. 
Don't be pressured by family, friends, or sales associate who rush you or try to get you to buy something. Take your time to decide what works best for you.





7. Try something new!

Try something new!
You won’t know if you will truly like it if you don’t try it on. I use to think I didn’t look good in hats, but as soon as I put one on I began to love them more than ever. 
 Try on something you would never put on like some unique pants or a skirt that you thought you would never wear. You never know what can become something you will adore! Try on a variety of tops and give it a chance to see what new trend fits your frame.


Rue 21 Olive Knot skirt (Similar)/ $7.99

8. Treat yourself with Coupons!

While you’re wrapping things up take a minute and relieve a little more stress, search on your phone for more coupons. Who doesn’t like saving money? Once you’re all rested and ready to purchase, check at the register to see if they have extra discounts. Don’t forget that some stores offer an additional percentage off of  military, teacher, and student purchases!
Enjoy the rest of your shopping and be stress free! Shopping should go much easier now that you have good fitting room practices.

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