Pretty In Pink!

Simplicity goes a long way when wearing soft hues like these shades of pink this winter. If you want to make your outfit simply beautiful without trying too hard, try putting together the same or similar shades to get that seamless look. When I first tried on these bubblegum pink pants I instantley felt like I wore the "pants" in my life! So I pulled up these statement trousers to a high-waisted look, added a pastel button down top, and watched the magic happen! Look at what this pop of color can do to your confidence. I’m feeling like I can conquer the world right now! Who said you can’t add pink in the winter, be feminine & still be the Boss!

The exact pair of pants i’m wearing is the first pair. But these other pants are also hot!


In the next look I paired the same button down blouse with a sequin pencil skirt that I brought from Zara in Paris so long ago! This piece is something I will never EVER EVER throw away! This ensemble is perfect for a special event or formal wear. Try a hint of sparkle to compliment the embellished skirt. Since this skirt is not currently in stores right now I picked out some similar sequin skirt you can bedazzle yourself in below <3

Mayunna BenjaminComment