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Hey everyone, I missed you guys!!! So lets cut to the chase! Let me give you the details on this dress and some insecurities I've had. Its an H&m dress thats under $40! I should have modeled it months ago. I have to say I waited too long, when 2018 summer hit I could barely fit in the dress  😱 & I panicked because I wanted this dress for my photo shoot. After gaining my happy weight...Click here to Read more..


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My Purpose

My purpose is to help others who are dealing with insecurities and anxiety fight through their struggles to find their purpose. Throughout my life I tried to cover up my insecurities with things that made me feel comfortable in my own skin like my love for clothes and fashion. I failed to realize... Read More


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Places I traveled : London, March 2018  🇬🇧  This lavish trip was a 3 day travel. & My loves I viewed a whole lot of monuments in 3 days.

1. From the Buckingham Palace... 

Have you spotted my favorite jacket in previous posts? I wouldn't go to London without packing this lavish leopard thrift coat! Click here or on the picture above to see previous posts on this glamorous coat!  

2. The London's Eye &Bridge


3. Kensington Garden & Embassies!


4.The London Phone Booth!

Check out other places I've traveled and things I love to do that helps with my anxiety Here!

Art Heals the Creator

While driving to a doctor's appointment in downtown Atlanta , I discovered this beautiful graffiti wall on a partially abandoned building. Instantly God gave me a vision for this photoshoot...

styled By Mayunna

Photo shoot

Omg!! This photo shoot that I styled for Swabuu is one of my favorites!! For one, the owner of the product already had the vision of the whole photo shoot mapped out. My job was to do what I do best, to find the perfect outfit for the shoot, style it, and execute the scene! I wanted really glamours, edgy, and statement pieces that stood out for the shoot. When I searched around for the model's attire I knew this photo shoot was going to be marvelous because the models were effortlessly beautiful and their skin tones were so radiant against the different colors of the fabrics.
I love to style women of different ethnicities and sizes. It reminds me that no matter who you are or how different you are, you are still beautiful. Something that I had to remind myself everyday, because some parts of my body I was not pleased with. But who am I to judge the creator that made me. Why can't I appreciate my body if there are people who would want to have some features of mine? We are humans, we always want what we can't have. Why can't we just appreciate who we are and enjoy life and live in the moment? My thoughts and creativity went running wild but I still had to stay in the limits of the owner of the product standards. 


This project showcased different looks which is an amazing shoot to advertise her product. I had a fitting with each of the models and the outfits complimented the models well for the photo shoot! I'm honored to have worked with the owner on this project. She has been selling these amazing natural body butters and body washes for a while and people love them! I'm a big fan of Swabuu and trust me you won't regret getting these products. Run to her website to get your Swabuu natural products! www.swabuu.com

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I couldn’t be more honored to collaborate or style with some of the most innovative brands in Georgia. Below are some of the businesses that I have worked with throughout my career of styling. If you would like me to style an event or collaborate with me click here.



Art photographer Oleg is a professional photographer specializing in portrait, people, fashion, glamour, events, travel photography and more. 

J.Rene Makeup Artistry

J.Rene is a makeup artist and microblading artist.        Book your appoitnment for a full face or for an event! jrenemua@gmail.com






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InStyle is a monthly women’s fashion magazine published in the US by Time Inc. Along with advertising, the magazine offers articles about beauty, fashion, home, entertaining, charitable endeavors and celebrity lifestyles.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

― T.D. Jakes