Inspirational Photo shoot

I'm soo.. excited that I got to document this photo shoot of my sister Porche! What makes this shoot more special than others is that it's my sister inspirational shoot! She wanted this shoot to inspire her & give her confidence to do what she loves, which is playing her violin. Growing up and hearing her play songs on her violin so beautifully made me want to do this shoot even more.

In The beautiful city of Savannah, GA

Originally the shoot was supposed to be done a week after her Bday but the gorgeous green African top that we ordered did not make it to us until a month late. The fabric is from Ghana and handmade by a seamstress so it's really special. What made us love this top was the decorated train added that elegance that we needed for it to be fit for a queen. By now I'm sure you already guessed the theme. An African themed photo shoot, which Is what I love to do! But she has always been interested in African studies and our history so she wanted to show our strong roots and her love for violin in the shoot. This shoot definitely glorifies a talented strong black woman! I'm so proud of the shoot and amazed how it turned out! We had an amazing photographer, C. E. Smith who graced us with his photography skills and artistic vision!

The second look is a full African look with the head wrap to match from The Wrap Life. The skirt is from an older collection from Ann Taylor which I found to be perfect for this look. The basic leotard is topped with a festival brown and white necklace from Chicos that I adore! And the shoes from Broadway shoes but you can find them at Burlington and deprtment stores too!

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I Can't Get Enough OF These Earrings!

So I've been eying these gorgeous dandelion earrings at my job for a while. When we first got them in I knew I had to have them but I wanted to wait to see all colors that were coming in so I could pick my favorite. The white ones came in early, & I knew these were the perfect statement earrings. I would mesmerize how I could bring out a plain black or colored top to make my outfit pop. When the pink ones arrived, I was obsessed with those too! These were definitely going to be my funky earrings if I wanted to be unique. 

                             Look how these earrings lighting up this top!  

                             Look how these earrings lighting up this top!  

I was indecisive on which one I was going to choose, so I got both! I am satisfied with what I picked. I wear them when I want to be sassy and they lighting up people’s day. It’s like a little ball of sunshine! Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got these from. You guys get to know the secret too! I got them from JCrew! Below I put the link so you can shop the link too! They are such an attention grabber. If I want to be funky I wear the white and pink earrings together! The spring earrings have arrived at JCrew! When the deep navy color came in shipment I was thinking Dang! I could wear these with black or blue. I should just purchase all of them! These earrings also come in orange & teal. I can definitely confirm that I’ll probably purchase all of them! The confessions of a shop-aholic! 


Bring Sexy Back With This Fitted Black Dress.

Wear It In 3 Different Ways!


Hey Ladies! Do you want to know some ways you can get your groove back without over doing it? I got the perfect trick that never seems to disappoint! This little black dress remix! Here are 3 different ways you can wear this button down dress to give you that spark you were looking for. 


1.Off The Shoulder Ensemble

The 1st look is a big trend! An off the shoulder ensemble that lets you show some skin and catch some breeze on the sunny days. If you like to show off your wonderfully toned shoulders, this is the look for you.

2.Lossen Up Those Buttons!

The second way to wear this dress is the basic way but by unbuttoned half way from top to bottom to be a show stopper. Go with a big bang if you want and unbutton the dress all the way up to show a little thigh. Who said your little black dress couldn't turn into a sexy black dress? Show the crowd how to party! Model this look at events, parties, and suprises for an wow effect. You wont be able to keep their eyes off of you! 

3. Layer With A Scarf   

And even on those chilly or more reserved days you can button it up and throw your chic scarf around u. This is great for a more elegant look or even for church because it presents a more settled and fashionable fit. If your more of a chic person, then this is definitely the look for you!

This lovely ensemble is the new comeback for showing off a little skin but still covered up for formal event

Shop this exact dress in South Lake Mall at She Boutique

Similar looks below!

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Pretty In Pink!

Simplicity goes a long way when wearing soft hues like these shades of pink this winter. If you want to make your outfit simply beautiful without trying too hard, try putting together the same or similar shades to get that seamless look. When I first tried on these bubblegum pink pants I instantley felt like I wore the "pants" in my life! So I pulled up these statement trousers to a high-waisted look, added a pastel button down top, and watched the magic happen! Look at what this pop of color can do to your confidence. I’m feeling like I can conquer the world right now! Who said you can’t add pink in the winter, be feminine & still be the Boss!

The exact pair of pants i’m wearing is the first pair. But these other pants are also hot!


In the next look I paired the same button down blouse with a sequin pencil skirt that I brought from Zara in Paris so long ago! This piece is something I will never EVER EVER throw away! This ensemble is perfect for a special event or formal wear. Try a hint of sparkle to compliment the embellished skirt. Since this skirt is not currently in stores right now I picked out some similar sequin skirt you can bedazzle yourself in below <3

Outfit Of The Day!

Working Lady To Night Out Ensemble!  


How To Go From Work To A Night Out Effortlessly! 

So this Friday I was scheduled a night shift on my sister’s birthday, which means right after work I would have to rush and get ready for her birthday plans. I knew I wouldn’t have time to prep and get ready, so I decided to wear an ensemble that can easily go from work to a fun night out. Of course these plans required me to dress up but not overdue it. I didn’t want to be too dressy at a birthday celebration and I didn’t want to be too casual at work. This called for an attire that was versatile and quick and easy to change. 

My job title is a Sales associate for Ann Taylor which caters to working women with active lives that want to dress in style. When I began looking for my outfit, I knew I wanted to wear this tan suit blazer. Of course I got it from Ann Taylor! The price of it will blow your mind! Originally around $150, but on finale sale for under $15 bucks! I definitely waited until this beauty went on sale! (Though it’s sold out don’t worry I got some hot similar looks you can purchase below!)

Back to the main point: The trick to a transitional outfit is black. Yes black goes with everything! Underneath my blazer I wore a fitted black mini dress that was short enough to fit comfortable and seamlessly under my pattern tan skirt. The tan skirt I choose made my attire look business casual and like a completed suit. The skirts designs were a plus! Of course I picked my wedged heels that I can slip on and slip off in the car when it was time for me to clock out and transition into my attire!

As the time approached for my work day to be over, I was relieved because I knew how easy my switch would be. 9:30 pm. Hits and I clock out. As soon as I get to the car I began my next look!

A quick and fun night out attire consisted of me stripping my blazer and skirt and showing off my fitted black mini dress underneath and adding a black and grey fitted jacket to catch the wind as effortlessly transitioned from work to the weekend!! If I were to get too hot at a spot all I just strip down to my sexy mini dress! The tasseled necklace were extra for some sparkle! I zipped my hiker boots on & Tah dah! I was ready! (Black sheer stocking are optional if it’s windy outside.)  Who would have thought that that a woman can get ready in less than 5 minutes! That’s the magic of effortlessly transitioning from work to a night out!