Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am...


A stylist who breathes floral, lives for patterns, would die for some sassy heels , 

& loves to make her clients feel Lovely.

My style emerged when I was very young. I was sketching, designing, and giving tips for people to enhance their style before I knew what a fashion blogger was. I grew up loving floral patterns, bright colors, and sassy little heels. I loved patterns so much that I would often mix traditional patterns with current designs and use them with unique items that not many people were wearing or buying. At that time I wasn't able to explain my style or put it into a single spectrum. Now I realize that it's timeless, chic, and original.

Peers, family, and acquaintances would comment on how different my clothing was, but would coin it as innovative.

"You definitely are the only one that could pull that off!"

I always thought that anyone can wear what I was as long as they show confidence while wearing it. Confidence is all in how you wear an outfit and the belief of self assurance. You can change your whole atmosphere with it! 

I knew this was true because during that time I wasn't truly happy with myself. I was just covering my true feelings with my love for fashion and uniqueness. I was also suffering with anxiety and the stress from life took all of my energy and joy away. What made me content was making others happy and styling. But remember when you are practicing your gift and doing what you love, make sure you are truly happy with yourself before you start your journey helping others. There is a big difference in the freedom you have from self love and not self hate! 

Now that I have found this freedom I can help people more with insecurities that they may have and address their best inner qualities that reflect their outer.  Here's what I do: I change my look to reflect the way I feel or to help me feel a certain way that day. By painting a picture of the night before; I can express how I want my day to be. Your outfit can be a key to your vision and ambition. Dress like you're already there! Make what you imagine into a reality, regardless of the circumstances you are in. As soon as I came to this realization I began to flourish. By taking that same confidence that makes me feel bold & beautiful, I was able to develop a style that would make others feel fearless and lovely; And help make them BLOSSOM into their future.

On Blossom with Mayunna you can find the latest trends, tips on styling, blogs on sales at your favorite stores, and a little bit about me and my insecurities through each post that publish!

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