3 Classic Trends Will Never Go Out of Style!


Take a look at these items that will never go out of style! Every season I always plan ways I can wear versatile items that never gets old in the fashion industry. These items make a comeback every year and never disappoints us no matter what season it is.

1. Cheetah /leopard print
No matter how old you are and what’s your taste in style, the undeniable Cheetah print has been in just about everyone’s closet and it just won’t go away! How can this trend stay for decades and decades you ask, because it’s always a trend for you to stand out! Rather it’s a Cheetah top, jacket, pants, or purse it’s your go to item to that puts a spark in your outfit. It could be a casual or formal event, look out because it’s always glamorizing the scene and stealing the show!  Every year I bring out this leopard jacket and when people ask me where I get it from, my answer is "this old thing, I thrifted it & had it for years, but I’m still in style!"


2. Leather/faux     
Leather can be sexy, sophisticated, or rocker, depending on the way you style it. It’s also worn in all seasons because its compatibility to be worn with boots, heels, sandals, and flats. The most popular trends are with the leather pants and jackets but you can also see the leather skirt flirting its way back with some knee high boots for the winter.  

3. Red Lipstick
Dating all the way back from the 1900’s, red lipstick has been labeled only for bold women. Making its way to a huge trend in the 1930 with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and main stream actors help this item become an obsession. When you put it on you instantly feel bold, sexy, confident, courageous, and like you can conquer the world! Red lip stick has reached its heights and popularity with singers like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Taylor swift. Now everyone has to get a taste of this luscious red. No matter what shade you pick it’s always in style. This is a trend that will definitely be here forever and will Never leave us! 

I’ve showed you some of my favorite classic trends that are always in style, so show me some of your classic trends below! 

Mayunna BenjaminComment